EVS: i racconti dei volontari

04 Lug

Si conclude in questi giorni la nostra esperienza dello
short term EVS cominciato ad aprile con i primi volontari turchi.
Con grande piacere le ultime ospiti di Tulime sono due ragazze: Gulgun
e Serpil stanno imparando molto da questa esperienza e si stanno
rivelando una vera scoperta!
Questi sono i loro racconti:

i didn’t suppose that i can get used as much as be easy to here.When i
arrive here i was afraid of new country.But after i learn type of
Sicilian peoples and i realized that they are so similar with us with
regards to foods,communication,drinks.They are so friendly,helpfull
and funny.
I get used immediately via mine supporters,mentors.I like my home and
my house friends.They helped so much to me about how can i go where i
want,where i can eat something cheaper…When i was lost while I was
traveling in the city for learning,i didnt afraid of anything.Because
of that they are so close to others people for example me.
I saw that very detailized pointed church,cathedral in city
center.That was amazing because of that i have never seen such a good
and huge constructions.
When we check our volunteers activities ,we caring with disabled
people and doing theatre at Officina 22 and we going  to Vivaio
Ibervillea for preparing some presents composed of cactus,green
plants…There is so calm place where for getting be relax and you
learning cultivating thats important because i didn’t know such a
activities in my city,in my village so learned here and i will use at
I joined different concerts,exhibitions and then i met with from had
different cultures young people also i improved my English while
learning informations about here.
Here is like a secret box because of that you can find whatever things
in last of narrow streets.After 1 weeks then i feel like them.I am so
happy for come here and this experiment.I have learned to Italiano
little bit together with my friends.I wanna stay here many more
days.Thanks for every things…
*Just i have a problem is that in i dont have any key for my room.Its
important for next volunteers…

It`s my first time in Italy.I was so exciting on plane.I arrived at my
home and I meet my flatmates.They are so kind and helpfull.
I like sicilian people, they are so sympathetic.Palermo have too much
historical places i love that.
I go to the garden once a week.I like working there and helping garden work.
I also go to officina 22 and I like more officina than garden because
i love helping disable people.
I’m studiying psychology so it is good for me.I am so pleased for
working there.I meet people who from different countrys.It is great
chance for me.
I go to italian course also.Italian is difficult for me but i’m trying
to learn. Italian course is so enjoyable. I lear italian with having
I learned different things here also for example my flatmate taught
cooking some meals to me .
So i am so pleased for being here.
Thanks for everything.

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