My Europe Story

27 Mag

Maggio è il secondo mese in cui Tulime accoglie altri due ragazzi
Turchi all’interno del progetto “My Europe story”.
Alican, esuberante e pieno di energia e Kerim, studioso e riflessivo ,
sono i nostri nuovi ospiti.
Ecco qui il loro racconto!


I’m Alican and I’m really happy to be here.

I came here two weaks ago but time moving fast in here because is really great city and I’m felling happy to be here . I have been in Italy two times but it’s my first time in Sicily . Here is very strange city people are amazing and helpful, I have just one problem in here: people don’t know english and I don’t know italian so sometimes is really hard to communicate with people in the street.

I’m going to garden two times a week and garden times are my best times in here. I also have italian course two times a week; I have just one month for italian course so it is not very helpful for my language but I’m meeting with others people in there and that is why it is okay for me.

I’m doing my work and other staff with another turkish guy Kerim and he is really cool.

In my home everything is okay, it’s really funny: my flate mates are perfect and also in office people are amazing and they are helping about everything .

I spent 2 weeks in here and i saw a lot of areas in Palermo but I will see more I hope.

Everything is okay for now thanks about it.


Ciao everyone!

I’m Kerim, I live in Palermo for almost 3 weeks and this is an incredible experience for me.

Since i left from Istanbul, I met a lot of people who different, nice people.

In first days there were some adaption problems but after get used to city and people of Palermo, i began to fun and like here. Before i came here the other turkish volunteers Ali and Akif were told me “you gonna like and enjoy, dont worry about it” and they were right about this opinions.

After 2 weeks I definitely feel nice and happy.

I spend time in a garden which called “Viviaio Ibervillea” and there are lots of types of cactus, that place is so beatiful and interesting. I helped people who growing that plants.

The other think which I do, I was going to help people who they need rehebilitation, in “Officina 22”, these people are so kind and helpful. So I feel so good for help them.

The other days I continued to italian language course, althought only one month not enought for learn italian, i could learn lots of think for explaine myself as italian and some basic thinks. Moreover the main benefit of these activities are to be helping us for socialize with different people from different language, nations and colors.

Finally after all these magnificant days, I can recommend all people who read this write, you should definetly visit this beaituful city and people at least one time in your life.

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