L’esperienza di Ali e Akif

27 Apr

Ali e Akif, giovani ragazzi turchi, rimarranno con noi fino ai primi di maggio.
Attivamente interessati alle attività di Tulime e molto motivati,
hanno mostrato una perfetta integrazione nei vari contesti in cui sono
stati coinvolti!
Leggiamo insieme il resoconto personale della loro esperienza fino ad oggi:

The day we left İstanbul we arrived to catania. After depart from airport we went to train statition and we meet a friend named Cenk who arrived before us to there. We travelled together to Palermo then he took us to home where we will stay for a month in there. And I met Betul at home. While Betul and Verastella discussed about who will stay in where. Verestella told that Ali is younger he should stay with Betül. And Akif is older than Ali and he can stay in the other home. After we left Akif’s home we came our home and we met Pierro.  We visit Project Office on call of  Verasttella. We discussed about work sharing during the week. Verestella will sen program every friday by facebook.

The first day we visit the gardenand met people in there.they teached us the work how and what to do. Another day we went to italian language course. It was my second time to visit İtaly. The first one just were 8 days. And there a lot young people in Project each one was from different culture. We communicated with english language. We did not feel to much to learn İtalian but now we are just a few and there were no much people who speaks english. Fort his reason It was really nice to go to italian course. To learn a new language and I met nice people in there. It was really very funy. We visit some museum and have small city tour in Palermo. And I met some other funy people. I enjoyed a lot. Then we met our mentor. We visit called Office 22 and also find a very nice people in there too.

The other week also continues as before Veresttela send program to us. And go on like this. I began to learn alot new things. I feel that It’s worth so much to me

Faithfully yours Ali

I would like to share my Evs experiences in Palermo. Briefly I have been taking part in Evs for a month the project of Tulime Onlus. The project duration is between from 3 of April to 3 of May.
This was the first time to visit to Palermo and Italy. I arrived to Palermo on 3 of April. This is the my first Evs experence,  Within the first impression i was welcomed by warm and lovely office staff of Tulime. I felt that It was seems like my second home. In the first day of arrived to Palermo, i placed to my Luxury house.  Do not get  the term of “Luxury house” as a exaggerate. It was really awesome.  Also my flatmates were very good persons. Seems like we have been knowing each other for years. It is gonna be very upset to leave from this amazing city and its people. Also i want to say something about the outcomes of project. I participated in a study on migrant issues in a high school for young people. We had gave speech and prensentation about migration and migrants routes. The main target of the project to arise the awareness on migration issues in the society. Therefore via project aims looking for an answer  how we can establish a uniqe and strong society with migrants. This project was very valuable for me.
Also I participated several garden works. It was felt so peacefull. I had experienced how to manage my money for living cost,  I establised strong networks and friendships in my Palermo days. Everthing was wonderful with my organization. No doubt, it’s gonna be unforgettable memory in my life. This is the end of the My Europe Story for now.. But I do believe with my heart, the roads will cross one day in the future..
With Best Wishes
The Volunteer Of Tulime Onlus
Akif Yilmaz

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