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06 Mag


In these last days, knowing Nepal, knowing Nepalese people, seeing the disaster, the houses, the children… There is nothing more I can feel than a deep joy to be alive.
From two days I arrived in Kathmandu. The decision to leave the farm and travel to Kathmandu was long and complicated. My friend Gabriele was with a cut in his foot made while he was handling a kurpa (Nepali knife) and he was unable to travel for 5 days and the afraid of finding a worst situation in Kathmandu. The pressure to leave Nepal in the first days after the earthquake was strong, coming from parents, family and friends. But all the foreigners in the farm had one thing in common, a big will to stay in Nepal. Before departure to Kathmandu I spent my last day in the farm working alone with Babulal. Balulal is a man around 65 years old with amazing skills in working with Bamboo. He doesn’t speak English, I still do not speak Nepali. During the day we started a construction of a new system for drying herbs and I asked him to make me a big hat out of bamboo and leaves. In the next morning, just before leaving the farm I found the hat outside of my door. Babulal from all Nepali people I’ve meet is the most wonderful. It is possible to know just by looking to his eyes that is a wise man. Without knowing anything about my stay in Kathmandu or even Nepal, I took this hat with me, so I have a very special memory from this beautiful people and country.
I travelled To Kathmandu with Serena, a German-Italian volunteer from Oneworld. At the entrance of Kathmandu after passing by the police control we begun to see more buildings destroyed or partially destroyed. Still out of the ring road there was a group of police and rescue teams that were taking corps from the ruins. This experience made me give more value to news such as when someone is found still alive, like the 4 months baby or the 100 years old lady.
After arriving to Oneworld’s office and guest house we finally joined Alessio. We could realise that the house was safe and most of the neighbourhood was in good conditions when compared with the rest of the city. Still people are very scared, many of the family had escape to the countryside and those that remain sleep outside or in the garage of the house with the gates open, so that they can easily escape in case of a further earthquake. Since April 25, every day I feel at least an earthquake. I found a Kathmandu emptier of people, and those who remained are giving their best to return to normality as soon as possible.
In this moment work has to be done to get as much support as we can and organize all the help we need.




Filipa, volontaria Tulime Onlus

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